jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

Orcasur, my local area by Laura Ruiz ( 4th secondary)

Writing about my local area

I live in a neighbourhood in the south of Madrid called Orcasur. The local area has changed so much along the years and it has become a better place.

In the past, the neighbourhood was smaller and poorer. It was just a group of a few little cottages built by the people who lived in it , they didn´t have any electricity at that time....
There weren´t any pavemements or motorways either, there was just mud. There also exited a few shops and schools barely.
But by the last thirty years, the old cottages were destroyed and the neighbourhood has changed a lot. The buildings now are block of flats with electricity, running water, phone line... etc. Some of them are small but others go up to nine floors. Some shops and public buildings were built too.

People used to work on construction, mostly in buildings in the neighbourhood. But now, most of the people work in offices,  cleaning services or in the shops in the area.

Fifty years ago, not everybody in Orcasur had a car, so they used to travel by bus or they were walking. A few years later, the train station was built  and the bus services were improved too. Now , to get a transport is easier.

In my opinion, the neighbourhood has improved a lot and it should keep getting better.

Laura Ruiz Aranda, 4th secondary

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